PPC member and advisor Beth Terry, author of the excellent blog about plastic-free living FakePlasticFish, interviewed Jackson Browne during Is Plastic Washed Up? our recent film event in Los Angeles.

Jackson Browne, a supporter of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, says loud and clear what he thinks of bottled water, and suggests a form of protest to be carried out at hotels: to hang around the necks of  the bottles of water for sale in hotel rooms paper tags that say “refused from a member of a worldwide coalition of people to protect the planet”.

An excellent idea based on the first and most important “R” of the 4 R’s of our SUPER pledge to reduce single use plastics: REFUSE. A protest that could be extended to events, conferences and other venues where little bottles of water are offered ‘for our convenience’ -only that, as Jackson Browne says, more and more of us are starting to see bottled water as a real inconvenience.  Go Jackson!

You can read Beth Terry’s original post about this interview here.