recently published an article and interview with plastic-free living super hero and star blogger Beth Terry, who is an invaluable advisor to the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

profile_avatar_128x128Beth has been living as plastic-free as possible since 2007, when she saw photos of albatross chicks full of plastic. Beth has been writing about her experiences on her popular and entertaining blog FakePlasticFish, which has become a must-read for anyone interested in reducing their plastic footprint.  Beth is also a contributing editor to BlogHer, the leading participatory news, entertainment and information network for women online.

In addition, Beth Terry  led a web-based campaign via Take Back the Filter that caused Britta maker Clorox to set up US recycling for Britta filters.

Beth just posted on her blog the tally of her plastic waste for 2009: an amazing 3.7 pounds total, a mere 4% of the US average. Here’s a video where beth details the plastic she used in 2009 and, more importantly, where she talks about the plastic she did not use -and how she managed to avoid it.

By reducing her plastic consumption by 96%, as compared to the national average, Beth proves that our individual acts can have an enormous direct impact. In addition, by changing our habits, we are spreading a message of education and awareness to businesses, govenments and other citizens around us.  Congratulations to Beth Terry for her amazing work.  We are really proud and honored to have her as an advisor to our organization!

Below we have included a few selected quotes from Beth’s interview on  The full story can be read here.

In 2007 I saw an article about plastic and the ocean – and pictures of albatross chick carcasses filled with plastic.  That astounded me – there were bottle caps, toothbrushes – things I use every day.  They had made their way out into the ocean.  That’s when I knew I had to do something.

For Beth, determination and a sense of humor are essential for eco activism.  “You have to be committed.  Don’t give up, just stick with it.  Change takes time.  When you’re frustrated, and there were days when I just sat there and thought ‘what else can I possibly do?’, feel  those feelings of frustration and just keep going.

“You don’t have to have much money, and you don’t have to have many web skills.  With the Internet, anybody can make huge changes.”