Green Sangha is a San Francisco Bay Area organization dedicated to “restoring our sense of oneness—healing our communities and the earth through mindful practice and awakened action“.   Green Sangha, has been focusing on fighting plastic pollution for a long time and is convening the  Rethinking Plastics 201 Conference January 21-23 2010 in San Rafael, California.

Aimed at “concerned citizens in Marin County and the (San Francisco) Bay Area”  the Rethinking Plastics 201 Conference has the following goal:

…to increase understanding of the plastics plague and to empower citizen-activists, business leaders, and civic officials to make changes at home, in the marketplace, and in the halls of government.

The conference begins on Thursday evening, January 21, 2010, with a public symposium: Awakening the Dreamer: an introduction to the challenges and opportunities of our age, led by the Pachamama Alliance. Donations are requested.sangha

On Friday evening, January 22 2010 there will be a free public lecture: Rethinking Plastics, Rethinking Our Lives. sponsored by Whole Foods Market, San Rafael.

On Saturday January 23rd, 2010 there will be an all-day workshop with speakers on the chemistry and toxicity of plastics,  bioplastics, extended producer responsibility, as well as actions that we as individuals can do.  PPC advisor Beth Terry, author of the blog Fake Plastic Fish will be one of the panelists, specializing in the latter subject, while Manuel Maqueda, Plastic Pollution Coalition Cofounder, will kick off the panel by sharing his experiences as a member of the Midway Journey expedition to Midway Atoll with Chris Jordan.

You can sign up for any of these events via Green Sangha’s contact form or by calling +1 (510) 532-6574.