Plastic Pollution Coalition Legislative Policy Guidelines

Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) is a global alliance of individuals, organizations, and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, and the environment.

To achieve its mission, PPC has defined the following overall strategic goals:

  • End the global dependence on disposable plastic, the primary source of plastic pollution;
  • Reduce the overall global plastic footprint for individuals, organizations and businesses.

Plastic Pollution Coalition has the following three specific strategic goals that relate distinctly to legal policy:

  • Encourage, inspire, and support the creation and promotion of legislation that curbs irresponsible proliferation of disposable plastic;
  • Encourage, inspire, and support international, national, and local leaders in the public and private sectors to form global alliances against plastic pollution;
  • Encourage, inspire, and support the creation of economic incentives for businesses willing to invest in plastic alternatives.

A. PPC legislative or policy activities shall be limited to those reasonably related to any of the following activities or subjects:

  • plastic pollution on land and at sea;
  • matters and issues pertaining to over consumption and resultant pollution from any discarded plastic-based products, including: shopping bags, beverage bottles, food containers, wrapping, packaging, straws, microbeads, and any other single-use products;
  • public health matters concerning toxins and/or chemicals found in consumer-grade plastic-based products;
  • protection of wildlife and animal species affected by plastic pollution;
  • collaborative efforts intended to address pollution and its toxic impact on local and global environments;
  • the development and promotion of sustainable, safe alternatives to any disposable plastic items listed above, especially those used to hold and/or carry food products;
  • issues of environmental justice pertaining to vulnerable populations adversely and unduly affected by plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.

B. With the aforementioned directives serving as guidance, PPC sets forth the following policy on legal strategy:

  • PPC promotes and/or takes an active role in selected local and national legislation, litigation, treaties, and policy documents that serve to advance the mission and goals of the Coalition, cited above. Priority is given to legal actions that have the greatest potential for significantly reducing plastic pollution around the globe.  Priority will also be given to legal policy that furthers environmental justice, human health, and ecosystem health;
  • Plastic Pollution Coalition seeks to provide direction and assistance, as needed, for the legal policy initiatives of Coalition members when those legal policy initiatives meet the above stated criteria.

C. PPC promotes an active collaboration between individuals and member organizations, and as such will support initiatives by Coalition members relevant to the aforementioned areas of interest to the Coalition. PPC will further ask other individual members, member organizations, and businesses to support the relevant initiatives of particular member(s). As members of the Coalition, PPC encourages and expects all individual members, member organizations, and businesses to support PPC-initiated or member-initiated programs and policies to curb plastic pollution worldwide.

D. PPC will make every reasonable effort to inform members of legislative positions taken by its executive committee or staff and encourage as wide a participation as possible in both forming and supporting those policies and initiatives.

E. PPC will occasionally seek additional individual, organizational, and/or business member sign-on to policy statements, letters, or calls to action for PPC and/or other campaigns relevant to the aforementioned areas of interest to the Coalition.

F. Coalition members may contribute and find legal policy documents, litigation documents, and legislation at Plastic Free Times (