Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to ending plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals, and the environment. All Plastic Pollution Coalition members share the following commitments:

  • To work towards a world free of plastic pollution
  • To REFUSE single-use and disposable plastics
  • To reduce the plastic footprint within their organizations, or at home.

Individual Members PPCMemberTote
All members of Plastic Pollution Coalition who elect to receive gifts in exchange for their donation receive our monthly newsletter, an annual subscription to the award-winning Earth Island Journal, and a members-only 100% organic cotton tote, made by Coalition Organizational member Project GreenBagSupporters also receive our signature glass necklaceSustaining members also receive our gold- or silver-tone “REFUSE” necklace, custom designed for us. We offer three membership levels:

Organizations and Businesses
If you represent an organization or business that would like to be an organizational member of PPC, membership has added benefits and obligations. You’ll be joining more than 300 other organizations and over 100 thought leaders in a shared commitment to eliminate plastic pollution and its toxic effects.


  • Participation in the global movement against plastic pollution and all regional initiatives by PPC
  • Opportunities to sign on to letters regarding legislation and policies concerning plastic pollution
  • Participation in quarterly Coalition conference calls and topics forums on key issues such as plastic bags
  • Sharing of our mission and news items with your constituent members and other potential new Coalition partners
  • Sharing your membership and news with the entire Coalition and our networks


  • Commitment to reduce plastic pollution in your work and personal life
  • Support for PPC and member initiatives against plastic pollution worldwide and within your own organization
  • Support the platform for solutions shared by all PPC members, specifically source reduction, innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth leadership.
  • Support for individual coalition members by sharing their requests, as appropriate

Be sure to complete the membership form if your organization or business is interested in joining!