Actor Jeff Bridges Resolves to Refuse!

Actor Jeff Bridges Resolves to Refuse!

Join Jeff Bridges and Resolve to RefuseActor & artist Jeff Bridges has joined the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s campaign to REFUSE single-use and disposable plastics.

Jeff is leading the way by saying NO  to single-use disposable plastics personally and professionally. When Jeff goes on tour to promote his latest films he requests no plastic water bottles are supplied.

The same policy applies when his band tours. Instead, Jeff turns to a reusable metal option and encourages those around him to do the same.

Jeff shared his reasons for refusing with us, noting,“Plastic bottles have got to go. The bottles take a large amount of energy and fossil fuel to produce, then leach chemicals: phthalates and BPA — into the beverage, and will last forever. What is convenient about that?”

Agree with Jeff? Will you resolve to refuse this year?

Click here to join Jeff and add your name to the list of people who REFUSE disposable  single-use plastics.

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