Please help us welcome our new team member, Ben Bezark, the Program Manager for Plastic Free Campuses. In this capacity Ben will lead the development of  global community of school and university campuses around the globe, and will be responsible for its growth and spread.

Ben Bezark is a mission-driven person, with a passion for making the world a better place.

At the University of Vermont, Ben studied Community and International Development, with a significant amount of coursework in ecological economics. Ecological economics looks at the unaccounted side of the economic picture, the ‘externalized costs’ that are not reflected in the price tag of any given transaction, and attempts to reconcile those market failures with the conventional economic system. Ben has applied this paradigm to waste education, a lens through which we can begin to uncover the hidden costs of a society dependent on material consumption. The Plastic Free Campuses program is a natural fit for Ben, who has direct experience in waste education with middle and high schools across throughout San Francisco’s East Bay Area.

Ben has worked extensively with teenagers in the East Bay on waste issues as part of EarthTeam’s Waste Action Project. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of EarthTeam, a non-profit environmental education organization serving middle and high schools throughout the East Bay with a variety of classroom and field based programming.

Ben can be reached at ben(at)plasticpollutioncoalition(dot)org.