Think Beyond Plastic contest, the annual innovation contest for products or solutions that will measurably reduce plastic pollution is gaining momentum.

The event will connect entrepreneurship with thought leadership and environmental sustainability.

The contest will be juried by leaders in industry and science including Eben Bayer (Ecovative), Mike Biddle (MBA Polymers), Julie Corbett (Ecologic), Adam Lowry (Method), Dr. Ramani Narayan, Bina Venkataraman (MIT/Harvard Brode Institute), Mike Velings (A-Spark Good Ventures) and Adam Werbach (Yerdle). The presentation of awards and the final public event will take place at the Think Beyond Plastic annual conference on June 13-14, 2013 in Berkeley, CA, in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and thought leaders. Think Beyond Plastic, a project of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, is dedicated to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in addressing the plastic pollution crisis. Plastic pollution is a problem that the world has just begun to understand. It is massive and urgent. Recycling is not an adequate solution to the increasing consumption of disposable plastic. We will feature solutions that will support the call to reduce the planetary plastic footprint.