REFUSE Plastic Limited Edition Print Series Only Here!

The Plastic Pollution Coalition has launched an amazing new fundraising campaign that celebrates the importance of art as a teaching tool: The REFUSE PLASTIC Print Series. Six artists – Raymond Pettibon, Pam Longobardi, collaborators Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang, Dianna Cohen and Lila Roo – have each generously donated  artwork to Plastic Pollution Coalition, now available as high resolution, limited edition of 25 prints, numbered and signed by artist, printed on Moab Entrada paper at Modern Multiples in Los Angeles. All sold unframed. For any donation of $1,000 or more (plus S/H), you will receive your choice of prints as a special thank you from the Plastic Pollution Coalition (details below). (Click on image to view larger)

  • Limited Series Artwork Available Only Here - Raymond Pettibon
  • Limited Series Artwork Available Only Here - Pam Longobardi
  • Limited Series Artwork Available Only Here - Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang
  • Limited Series Artwork Available Only Here - Dianna Cohen
  • Limited Series Artwork Available Only Here - Lila Roo

This collection of beautiful and striking works reveals the artists’ shared passion for protecting our earth and our ocean.  Your donation will benefit the work of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment.  New artists and prints will be released on an ongoing basis.  This unique fundraising campaign provides an opportunity to enjoy gorgeous and provocative artwork in your home…and you help fight plastic pollution! Best of all, your $1,000 donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law! Los Angeles artist Raymond Pettibon’s eclectic inspiration ranges from surfing to 19th century literature. His early work in the punk rock scene secured him a cult following. He has since developed an international reputation as one of the foremost contemporary American artists working with drawing, text, and artist’s books. In her artwork, Pam Longobardi addresses the psychological relationship between humans and the natural world. She has created the Drifters Project, an ongoing collaborative interdisciplinary project focusing on marine debris and plastic pollution. A professor of art at Georgia State University, Longobardi has had over 35 solo exhibitions and 65 group exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide. Artists Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang ( started collecting plastic debris washing up on the shore of a 1,000 yard strip of Kehoe Beach of the Point Reyes National Seashore and carrying it away by the bagful. They say that while their collaborative work sends “a message about the spoiling of the natural world by the industrial world, our final intent is aesthetic and celebratory.” Dianna Cohen is a co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition but her artistic life is also deeply connected to plastic. She is best known for her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works using recycled plastic bags – sewn together – ranging from small hanging pieces to room-sized installations, which have been shown internationally. Lila Roo’s art is an experiential and physical act, blending body and material into nature. She finds that plastic garbage is the most plentiful resource our natural world, and so she strips it to shreds, braids it to rope and searches for settings to command it. Roo uses art as a ritual and language to engage the people and environments she inhabits, looking for the universal visual connections. Please consider owning one of these pieces or buying them as gifts for family and friends. It’s a win-win—you have gorgeous and provocative artwork in your home, and you help us fight plastic pollution! These dimension are the overall print sizes, the image dimensions vary. 1. 30″ x 24″ – Raymond Pettibon, based on an original painting, “Plastic Pollution Coalition” 2010, ed. 25, $1000 2. 20″ x 24″ – Pam Longobardi, based on an original collage painting, “Eye of the Ocean”, 2009, ed. 25, $1000 3. 24″ x 24″ – Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang, from a series of original photographs, “What’s for Supper?”, 2009, ed. 25, $1000 4. 20″ x 24″ – Dianna Cohen, a print from original artwork, “Shake Well Naked”, 2009, ed. 25, $1200 5. 26″ x 24″ – Lila Roo, an original photographic still from a performance piece, “oil.water”, 2010, ed. 25, $1000