Countdown to Refill Revolution at Bonnaroo 2015

By Katya Stabler  While looking out of the window on my flight into Nashville to join the PPC crew, I was blown away by how green and verdant everything was.

E-Waste Recycling Event May 9!

  Be earth-conscious and recycle your E-Waste.   Learn more.

Exhibit Opens in Greece

May 2015 to October 2015, the Goulandris Museum of Natural History in Kifissia ~ Athens, Greece presents “Message from the Sea”, an exhibition combining the most current scientific information around

BlueMind UrbanBlue

Blue Mind 5 - Order Tickets Join the Blue Mind conversation as top brain scientists, oceanographers, explorers, educators, psychologists, and artists come together to consider the deep connection to our water planet

Green Chemistry In The New Economy

On November 4th, Plastic Pollution Coalition is sponsoring an invite-only forum in partnership with Cradle To Cradle Institute and a cadre of organizations interested in seeing California define the New Economy:

Join The Story of Stuff Project in spreading word about microbeads.

Join The Story of Stuff Project in spreading word about microbeads. Next Wednesday, May 6th, they’ll release a new 2-minute Story of Stuff movie about plastic microbeads—the nasty little bits of plastic that companies have been putting in everything from body washes and hand soaps to toothpaste and make up.

In it, they show how microbeads are actually designed to go down the drain and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans…and what folks like us can do to stop this ridiculous assault on our public waters.

Will you share their movie?


New Microbeads Movie Lands May 6th
The Story of Stuff Project is spreading the word so everybody knows what we don’t need the beads! Will you help share this movie?

Win a Free Seat on 5 Gyres 2015 S.E.A. Change Expedition

Still not to late to win a Free Seat on 5 Gyres 2015 S.E.A. Change Expedition:

“As someone who loves and lives in the ocean, I couldn’t be more excited to be participating in 5 Gyre’s S.E.A. Change Expedition and Youth Summit. I look forward to learning alongside the students while helping to raise awareness of the importance of reducing our dependency on single use plastics.” – Jack Johnson

The 2015 Plastic Gyre Symposium

PPC was proud to present the 2015 Plastic Gyre Symposium at Georgia State University on March 26-27, 2015. The 2015 Welch Symposium, The Plastic GYRE: Artists, Scientists and Activists Respond is

Plastic Paradise: Engaging the Next Generation in the Search for Solutions

  Plastic Pollution Coalition hosted a benefit screening of Plastic Paradise, a film by Angela Sun, in North Hollywood, California earlier this week. Over 150 people joined us to view

A Stop on the Ocean Highway

GYRE is the culmination of a unique collaboration of marine scientists and eco-activist artists, The “expedition-to-exhibition” project took five years to complete.