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  Some of the greatest contributors to plastic pollution are single-use plastics, and disposable plastics. Designed for one use, or to be discarded, these objects offer a small convenience but remain forever.  Follow the “4 Rs” of sustainable living: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Take the Single-Use Plastic...



“We begin with one island”: PLASTIC FREE ISLAND – KEFALONIA The collaboration between The Drifters Project & Plastic Pollution Coalition + Ionian Center Metaxata The PPC has been “cruising the Greek Isles”— cruising for plastic pollution that is. Throughout the month of July, the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Dianna Cohen continues her collaboration with visual artist, PPC member, and Drifters...

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RT @BetteMidler: "WE DID IT! #CALIFORNIA JUST BANNED PLASTIC BAGS!!!!! Let's Celebrate and #NY is next!" @PlasticPollutes
- Sábado ago 30 - 11:20pm

Thanks @SenAlexPadilla @SenatorDeLeon @SenRicardoLara for championing the #SB270 plastic #bagban!
- Sábado ago 30 - 8:13pm