We’re really happy that you’re here!  The band told us they had really smart and thoughtful fans so we’re excited to have you visiting our site.  So, who are we?

1. We are a global organization that aims to get rid of plastic pollution and its toxic effect on the environment and people.  We have great members that have made this initiative huge.
2. We offer great facebook and twitter updates with news, contests, and other fun stuff.  (This subject matter can be a bummer sometimes, so we try to keep things positive.)
3.  We give really easy advice that makes a big impact.  You don’t have to stage a protest to make a difference.
4.  We have a lot of awesome celebrity supporters and friends, like Maroon 5, that understand the importance of our goals. (How cool is it that we can email Maroon 5 whenever we want?  I mean, that’s gotta be one of the best part of this coalition.)
5.  We love our fans and members.  We like to do things to show them our appreciation.  Just the other day, we gave away a bunch of Archie comics that feature Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Yeah, we’re cool like that.
6.  We help people find nice stuff to replace their plastic stuff.  What looks better: a giant plastic cup from a gas station that just screams “cheap and wasteful,” or a sleek red stainless steel bottle that says “Hey look, I have layers to my personality and thought process.”
7.  Plastic Pollution Coalition also educates people.  We keep it simple and to the point. We want to make sure you have a concise, info-hub that is simple to browse through for your questions about plastic pollution.  That’s why we created this page and Plastic Free Times.

So check us out and let us know what you think!  Then, become members so we can discuss plastic, plastic alternatives, and which Maroon 5 songs rock the most.

Thanks for your support and for visiting our site,

Plastic Pollution Coalition