Photographer and social activist Chris Jordan has just released a video slide show with of some of his Midway photographs with the music of Christen Lien.

This video was premiered on October 24 at a private event in Malibu, California convened by the Plastic Pollution Coalition and hosted by our friends from  The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.  Composer and viola player Christen Lien played 15 Aftermaths‘ live, a piece she composed at the age of 15.

These photographs were captured by  Chris Jordan during Midway Journey, an expedition to Midway Atoll to document the effects of plastic pollution on baby albatrosses.  The PPC was a supporter of this effort.  Midway Journey expedition team members Victoria Sloan Jordan, Jan Vozenilek and Bill Weaver joined us for this event.

Poet Victoria Sloan Jordan read a powerful poem she wrote on Midway.  Some of the plastic objects seen inside of these baby albatrosses were displayed during the event.

An HD version (recommended) can be viewed here.

The original quicktime file (103 MB, great for education or events) can be downloaded fron this link.

Christen’s debut album, Battle Cry, is available for sale on her website.

Images and video: Chris Jordan. Music: Christen Lien .