Our projects are guided by our goal to measurably reduce plastic pollution around the globe. They are aligned with the Challenges to Humanity, adopted  during TEDx Great PacificGarbagePatch. These challenges are stated below:

To Individuals, Organizations and Businesses: REFUSE Disposable Plastics

Nothing can justify the use of disposable plastics for personal or business use. These objects, created to be used for only a few moments, stay with us forever at a tremendous cost to the planet, to the environment and to human health.

We challenge all individuals, organizations and businesses to stop using disposable plastics and to reduce their overall plastic footprint.” View the challenge delivered by Erica Williams from the Center for American Progress

To The Plastics Industry: Be Responsible for Your Products, Rethink Design, Self-Regulate

To manufacturers of plastic products, plastic packaging and virgin resin product: We challenge you to accept a voluntary cap on non-biodegradable products; and to invest  in developing a new generation of plant-based plastic product that is non-toxic at every stage of its production & existence, and biodegradable.

We challenge you to take responsibility for your product until the very end. The packaging you choose for your products is your responsibility, not that of buyers.

We challenge you to rethink the design of your products in order to reduce both the carbon footprint and the plastic footprint of your goods shipped around the world.

View the challenge as delivered by Wallace “J” Williams.

To Policy-Makers and Political Leaders: Adopt Policies and Enact Legislation that Incentivize Reductions in Plastic Pollution

We challenge you to adopt and support source reduction policies that will reduce single use plastic packaging. Support individuals and businesses in their efforts to eliminate disposable plastics. Adopt policies and laws that create economic incentives for businesses to reduce their plastic footprint. “

View the challenge, as delivered by Leslie Tamminen.

To All Nations Threatened by Plastic Pollution: Join Together and Say No to Plastic Pollution

We challenge you to join together to form a union against the onslaught of plastic to your environment, economic wellbeing and public health.

View the challenge, as delivered by H.E. Stuart Beck, Ambassador to the Republic of Palau at the United Nations.