In 2010, PPC was the host of TEDx GreatPacificGarbagePatch: The Global Plastic Pollution Crisis.

Live-streamed around the globe, this one-day event brought together for the first time thought leaders from the fields of technology, science, arts and entertainment, design, community activism and business in a discussion on the theme of “The Global Plastic Pollution Crisis”

For the first time, the issue of plastic pollution was presented as the nexus of some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today: eco-system degradation, public health, environmental justice and corporate responsibility.

The conference as broadcast around the world via LiveStream. Over 31, 811 live streams were picked up, from more than 11,000 unique visitors from 128 countries. Around the globe, 75 watch parties were organized in India, the UK, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and many other countries.

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