On June 21, at the RIO +20 Earth Summit, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Plastic Disclosure Project, a Clinton Global Initiative project, will announce an exciting new partnership and collaboration to help college and school campuses in their efforts to reduce plastic pollution.

The Plastic Disclosure Project is a global ‘initiative to encourage the world’s major corporate & institutional users of plastics to measure their plastic footprint, and develop innovative strategies to reduce their environmental impact.’ It is the first step towards reducing plastic pollution.

The partnership with the Plastic Disclosure Project will be rolled out through Plastic Free Campuses, a project of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.   Plastic Free Campuses is a global network of  universities, high schools, middle, and elementary schools from on every continent, working to reducing their plastic footprint.  According to PPC’s Executive Director, Daniella Russo, “this partnership is a logical next step for Plastic Free Campuses, who are already working to evaluate their plastic footprint.”

Together, Plastic Pollution Coalition and Plastic Disclosure Project have set a 2012 goal  to engage 100 campuses in 10 countries with a commitment to measure their plastic footprint.   “Through understanding their plastic use and waste generation, universities and campuses will be able to take actionable and measureable steps towards plastic reduction, including higher recycling rates, source reduction and a new set of pollution policies which can save money, and create new opportunities for the campus,” says Doug Woodring, co-founder of Plastic Disclosure Project.

We are excited to bring the Plastic Disclosure Project to a campus near you.  Please check out the project page for more information and register your project here.