REFUSE, not Recycle

REFUSE, not Recycle

We recycle; therefore, we are decent citizens of planet Earth, right? Well, sort of …

Ever think about where stuff goes AFTER you toss it into your recycling bin?

CryingSealIt’s great to recycle, but the sad truth is that a small percentage of the plastic we contribute to recycle actually gets recycled. Most of the plastic stuff you virtuously toss into your recycling bin often just eventually becomes pollution somewhere else. Tragically, a lot of it winds up in the ocean.There it either chokes and hurts sea life or breaks down into tiny particles that are ingested by fish, and then by us. Not good. The TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch event will delve into all of this and more—sign up now to host a viewing party.

Disposable plastic too often does NOT get recycled so what we need to do is try to find ways to REFUSE to use disposable plastic. Take the Plastic Pollution Coalition REFUSE Pledge. It’s easier than you think. Drink water from stainless steel water bottles. Forego the straw and lid on your cup. Think about how often you bring takeout to your home or office, where you can keep real utensils. Just REFUSE the disposable plastic.

In our day-to-day life, we all want to be good. That’s why we all recycle. But now to be truly good to our planet, we can’t just recycle, we have to REFUSE.