Today at Rio+20 is Oceans Day. The discussions are organized by Global Oceans Forum; GEF, SOA, China, World Bank, World Oceans Network and many other groups.

Oceans are highlighted as one of the United Nation’s seven focal areas. The event opened with a reflection on the accomplishments in the past twenty years, as well as a discussion on how to mobilize political will, people and resources to implement Rio+20 ocean outcomes. There was a lot of great focus on Blue Economy.

Sessions included discussions on ocean governance; climate change and ocean acidification; and a special andvery extended focus on fisheries.  One of the last sessions brought up several references to plastic pollution and its threat to ocean health.

Of special note was the discussion about the need for integrated ocean governance, and the multiple references to our oceans as the tragedy of the commons. And of particular note was the idea of a UN undersecretary for the oceans.

It is great to know how many groups are stakeholders in the great project we call “Blue economy”, but the real question is, what are we doing to advance it?

Here is how you can join the conversation. Tomorrow we will share the Rio+20 Ocean commitments, as they become available on the web.