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The 2013 International Coastal Cleanup Day

All day long, images of trashed beaches kept pouring in. Plastic dominates each and every image. We asked people, “What did you learn from the coastal cleanup day?” And all

Rio+20: Plasticity Forum

Plasticity forum is a full one-day conference within Rio+20, designed to inspire, excite, and help move the world to follow the innovative leaders who use plastic in new ways, with new

Rio+20: UNEP Marine Litter Side Event

Today we attended UNEP’s event titled “Marine Litter: Preventing Our Oceans From Becoming Dumps”. The event was organized by UNEP’s GPA, i.e. “Global Programme for Action for the Protection of

Rio+20: PPC in the house!

Writing from Rio, Dianna Cohen and Daniella Russo. Upon arrival at Rio airport, we are greeted by a massive installation of bromeliads made of plastic, spoons and bottles! Is that

A Wave of Plastic Washes Over Costa Rica

A gigantic art installation downtown San Jose, Costa Rica raises awareness about the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution. The installation is called La Ola Plastica (‘The Plastic Wave”) and

Why BPA should be banned

Want to lose weight, reduce your risk for heart disease and cancer, and ward off diabetes? Start by putting down that soda and skipping the canned soup during your next

UAE Visit Day Three: A Day With the “Green Sheikh”, Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi

Our day starts with a visit to the CVR Laboratory with the Ministry of Environment and Water.  In 2009 this lab produced the first report about the toxic impacts of

PPC and Plastic Oceans Foundation to Collaborate

We are pleased to announce that Plastic Pollution Coalition is collaborating with the Plastic Oceans Foundation in the production and release of a major film about plastic pollution in the environment, particularly the

Plastic Pollution, not Marine Debris!

Notes from Daniella’s talk at 5IMDC on March 24, 2011, Honolulu. Hawaii. Friends, Welcome to Hogwarts. These rooms are full of witches and wizards of enormous powers, vision and ability

TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Just the Beginning

Just one day after the conclusion of TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch, the mailbox at Plastic Pollution Coalition is overflowing with messages of hope and determination to end plastic pollution. We have received overwhelming