Plastic Pollution Coalition on the US House of Representatives Floor

Posted on Jun 09 2010 by Plastic Pollution Coalition
Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) commended the work of Dianna Cohen and Plastic Pollution Coalition during a speech at the United States House of Representatives. In his words, “(Dianna Cohen) is teaching students … about the dangers of plastics, the threat to our ocean life and to our marine future. I commend Diana Cohen for her work (…) looking out for the next generation and for Mother...

Plastic Gets There First

Posted on Apr 23 2010 by Manuel Maqueda
Surfing legends Chris and Keith Malloy have spent years traveling around the world looking for the best undiscovered surfing spots. From Antarctica to Iceland, and from Galapagos to New Caledonia, no matter how remote the place was, plastic was already there. The Malloys have spent years exploring uncharted waters around the Irish coast to find empty, world-class waves. They featured in the Irish...

Our new favorite YouTube video: Canvas Bags by Tim Minchin

Posted on Jan 15 2010 by Manuel Maqueda
We are delighted to share with you this YouTube video, an awesome music clip featuring Tim Minchin. The message is as simple as it is important: bring your own canvas bags to the store! Directed by Stephen Leslie, this video was originally recorded for BBC’s Comedy Shuffle.  We’d like to thank our friend Sara Bayles, author of the popular blog The Daily Ocean for giving us the heads up. Enjoy!

Captain Charles Moore on The Colbert Report

Posted on Jan 08 2010 by Manuel Maqueda
On January 6, Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report aired an interview with Captain Charles Moore, a pioneer of the study of plastic pollution in the ocean, the founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, a TED speaker, an EPA Environmental Hero Award winner, and the world’s most recognized activist against plastic pollution. Captain Charles Moore is an advisor to the Plastic Pollution...

Shifting baselines -and genders- in the Age of Plastics

Posted on Jan 04 2010 by Manuel Maqueda
Author and scientist-turned-filmmaker Randy Olson, founder of Shifting Baselines, just released a video interview with PPC advisor Captain Charles Moore. Don’t miss the last part of the video where the estrogen-disrupting effects of plastic transform Charles Moore into a voluptuous Charlotte Moore.

Super Forest Interviews Dianna Cohen

Posted on Dec 12 2009 by Plastic Pollution Coalition
Jackson Nash, from the blog SuperForest interviewed artist and Plastic Pollution Coalition cofounder Dianna Cohen backstage in Madison Square Garden. This is ths description of the blog SuperForest taken from its website “SuperForest is a collaborative positivity blog. We, the members of Team SuperForest, pledge to explore the world (both physical and electronic,) in order to bring you the...

Exposure to plastics linked to aggressive behavior in children

Posted on Oct 31 2009 by Manuel Maqueda
An article in Sierra Club Green Home highlights a recent study by the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill linking behavioral problems in children from women that were exposed to plastics containing bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy. The study, published Oct. 6, (download full report PDF) suggests that if a woman is exposed to plastics that leach BPA during her pregnancy,  the baby’s nervous...

Jackson Browne refuses bottled water

Posted on Oct 27 2009 by Manuel Maqueda
PPC member and advisor Beth Terry, author of the excellent blog about plastic-free living FakePlasticFish, interviewed Jackson Browne during Is Plastic Washed Up? our recent film event in Los Angeles. Jackson Browne, a supporter of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, says loud and clear what he thinks of bottled water, and suggests a form of protest to be carried out at hotels: to hang around the necks...