From all of us, best wishes for a happy holidays season filled with joy and love!  As we prepare for celebrations, let us all remember our commitment to a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals and the environment. Lets make a special effort to reduce our plastic footprint and REFUSE disposable plastics. The change begins with us, and to make it a little easier we have some suggestions.

1. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable and ends up in a landfill. Instead, get creative with non-plastic gift wrapping. Wrap presents with old maps, the comics section of a newspaper, or children’s artwork.  You can also use a scarf, an attractive dish towel, a bandanna, or some other useful cloth item, and forgo the plastic tape by tying it on with natural twine or string.

2. Make Your Own Holiday Cards

Have fun with the whole family making original cards that your loved ones will never forget. Use recycled paper or old magazines to collage together unique designs.  Dust off that photo editing software and make a web-based card that is personalized and unique.

3. Buy Organic and Local Foods for Your Holiday Feast

Grab your re-usable shopping bags and support local family farmers who grow sustainable meat and produce. It tastes better and you’ll be doing your part for the planet, too. Then serve this delicious and healthy local organic feast on REAL dishes – not only is it good for the health of the planet, but it’s elegant, too.  If you don’t have access to a farmer’s market during the winter, try a bulk food store that has bulk bins and bring your own reusable produce bags.

4. Find Unique Gifts by supporting Local Artisans

These will be one-of-a-kind gifts for sure. Take your time enjoying local arts and crafts galleries and find a gift that really means something to you, and something your loved one isn’t soon to forget.  If there aren’t any near you, shop Etsy, or other craft sites online, and find sellers that use recyclable packaging material.

5. Buy Plastic-free Gifts, Support a Plastic-free World

We are very picky about what we sell in our online store.  All of the products featured are ones that we personally use.  Help inspire your loved ones to REFUSE single-use plastics in their lives by giving them plastic-free gifts from our online store.

Remember: Donations on Behalf of Someone Require No Packaging At All

Give the greenest gift of all this year and donate to Plastic Pollution Coalition.  Every donation helps. It is the perfect way to buy a gift and do a good deed all at the same time. AND it’s tax deductible. (Whereas most sweaters and fruitcakes are not.)

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and plastic-free holiday season and new year!