virgin Virgin America and Plastic Pollution Coalition

A few months ago, Plastic Pollution Coalition started a conversation with Virgin America about reducing the plastic footprint of their flights. Virgin America has a strong commitment to sustainability, and have proven to be a receptive listener.

Today, Virgin passengers at SFO’s Terminal 2 top off their own reusable water bottles at the terminal’s hydration station. In First Class, plastic kova cups have been replaced with ceramic ramekins. Starting later this year, passengers will be able to view Plastic Pollution Coalition’s “Plastic Pollution Travel Solutions” video during in-flight video entertainment!

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Check out Virgin’s blog post about it.

Together, we will continue to work towards reducing the plastic footprint of Virgin’s flights and aid them in their already-in-motion efforts to reduce their overall carbon footprint. We appreciate their positive spirit and look forward to industry leadership and measurable results.

A Bit of Background

Blogger and plastic-free living advocate Beth Terry, author of the new book Plastic-Free, was traveling a lot for her book tour. Her airline preference was Virgin. Given her endeavors into living plastic-free, Beth thought it would be a good idea to pen an open letter to Sir Richard Branson and Virgin America to let them know her thoughts on in-flight disposable plastic. Thanks to her letter, PPC’s outreach, and Virgin America’s amazing crew of dedicated and caring people, we were all able to make great collaborative strides. Branson himself said, of Beth’s letter, “…your letter could start a real transformation in the skies.”

Thank you to all involved and we look forward to future endeavors with Virgin America.


Click this link to read Beth’s plastic-free traveling advice.